Another year, another attempt to organize


If you follow me on social media, you might know that I have a fairly consistent problem with organization. I mean, I can find things most of the time, but not always. I tend to lose my phone in the studio a LOT. It’s become so frequent, Chris bought me a Tile for Christmas so I can find my phone AND my keys! I am more organized in the studio than I am anywhere else in the house, and that includes my office. In fact, my office is so bad, you’d think a paper factory blew up in there and that all the papers started reproducing instantly. It’s really, really bad.

I mean, it’s mind-blowing how bad it is. And no, I won’t share photos because I’m far too embarrassed about it.


But I’ve realized that part of the reason why I keep having this problem is that I have all these revelations when I’m cleaning, but I promptly forget them as soon as I am “finished.” So, I’m writing this post while I clean and organize so that I can refer back to it when I need help (and hopefully, to keep me from needing help like this again).

  1. I wait until the paper piles on my desk are threatening to fall over and bury me in an avalanche of paper before I will address the issue of filing.
  2. I am really bad about accumulating a bunch of stuff without stopping to think where I might store said stuff.
  3. I don’t take advantage of offers for help. When someone says, “I’ll help you with that,” I either wait for them to tell me they’re ready to help, or I just don’t ask for assistance.
  4. Never start tearing a room down eight hours before you’re supposed to host dinner, even if the guests are your family. You’re never going to get it back in order in time for dinner that evening. Or the following evening, and maybe not the evening after that.
  5. Try to plan this type of project for a time when the weather is supposed to be good, or try to have another area largely cleaned out so you can just pack the room up and move everything out of it. This gives you a blank canvas with which to work, and it makes things SO much easier. If you don’t, you end up moving things in shifts – empty one bookcase on to the table and move it, then empty the next bookcase in to the one you just moved, and move it, and repeat. It’s like a bizarre game of leap frog, and really no one ends. You mostly just end up feeling like a frog that’s been run over.
  6. Organizing costs a LOT of money.


I started writing this post more than a week ago, and I’m still not finished with the organization of the studio or the office, though I have made significant progress. The studio and office are now combined in to one space, and I am using what was once my office as a storage room. But life keeps getting in the way, and I haven’t been able to devote large chunks of time to this project. I am really hoping that I can, by the end of the coming week, be mostly done with the studio/office area. The storage room might take a little more time, if only because there are a LOT of things in there, and I need to find homes for them all. Right now, it’s usable space, and I can find things, but it’s not very organized. Also, we have plans to add some additional storage elsewhere in the house, but that will require a trip to Ikea, and we have not had the opportunity to do that just yet; I’m hoping that will be possible this week as well.

It is my fervent hope that my next post about this subject will be to share photos of how far I’ve come, and how much nicer the overall functionality of the space is, and I further hope that post happens before the end of the week. So keep your eye on the blog and watch for a wrap-up post about organizing the studio … it’s time to put this to bed!


The New Studio

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have a new studio, and since it’s nearly done, I thought I would share some photos. It’s a small room, but it’s very nice and I think it will work well.

First up, as you walk in the door from the hallway, to the right is my desk – this isn’t only my studio but also my office. I work at home several days a week, and previously, my office space was in my master bedroom. This would be fine if my husband kept “normal” working hours, but he doesn’t. The office was the original intended use for this room, but as  you will see, it became much more than that.




On the next wall, my sewing machine …




And then some storage on the wall directly across from the entrance …




And then my cutting area is just to the left of the door.




One of my favorite things about the room is this grid I bought to hang all of my rulers and some of my cutting implements (no this isn’t all of them, and trust me, you don’t want to SEE them all) …




There are, of course, other things I want to do, like add some shelving above the desk, and some decorations to the walls. I also have every intention of building a new cutting table with storage under it. I know that it looks sort of empty right now but that’s because I’ve gone through and purged a great deal of crap. LOL And that chest of drawers hides a multitude of sins … which by the way, belongs to my daughter. Her grandparents gave it to her when she was born, and it needs to be refinished, but it’s 105 degrees in the afternoons right now, so I’ll wait till fall, thank you very much. Further, at some point I’m sure she’s going to want it back – once she has a place of her own – so it’s not permanent. When I need to replace it, I will probably do so with more of the baskets, because I love those things.

I’ll post more photos as I change/update things, but I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to share!

Until next time,


Three Things Thursday

Borrowing this idea from my friend Heather at 365 days of awesome …

1. I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been painting and moving into my new office/studio space. It’s quite small, so it’s taking a lot of planning and organization but I’m nearly there. During this move, I took the opportunity to weed through all my stuff and decided to sell three large storage totes’ worth of fabric. None of it is quilting fabric, and most of it I purchased more than 10 years ago, so I doubt I’ll miss it. I also found some fabric that made me think I really need to make myself some skirts for fall (suede like fabric) and buy some boots.

2. I was very nearly ready to back the baby quilt I’m working on when I started the studio space, all the way to the point of having the sandwich pinned together. It just didn’t feel right to me, though – I’m not sure if it’s because of the trouble I had with the back, and the subsequent changes (more on that in a later post) or what, but I didn’t like it. Then I remembered some fabric I have in my stash and thought, that’s what I’ll use! So once I get the studio in shape, I’ll take it all apart and repin it. Then I just need to quilt it, bind it and then I’ll post it, along with the story that goes with it (there is definitely a story!).

3. Am I the only one who’s more than ready for fall? I mean really, this heat is so oppressive! I keep dreaming of cooler days, cute fall clothing, and boots! (Note to self: BUY BOOTS this year!) I am already working on a Halloween quilt, and looking at fabric for a fall quilt … It’s not likely I will get both done this year with everything else, but … yeah. I can at least buy the fabric while it’s available and make it for NEXT year, right?

Until next time,