2013 International Quilt Show Recap

My daughter Kerstin and I went to the Quilt Show in Houston last weekend. This is my ninth quilt show – I’m really fortunate to live in the Houston area, so there’s no travelling or anything involved for me except to drive downtown to the convention center. It was her first, however, so I might ask her to write something up about how she felt about it.

Anyway, we didn’t make it all the way through the quilts, unfortunately. There were just too many of them (which is wonderful) and I had twisted my ankle on the way into the show so I was doing more of a hobble than a stroll through the aisles. LOL But here are a few of my favorites of the quilts we saw. Sadly, it was so freaking crowded and my ankle hurt so much, I didn’t get artist information for them so if you have that information, please share it with me and I’ll add it here later.







Tomorrow I’ll share a few more, so come back to see them! 🙂



Back in November, I attended the International Quilt Festival here in Houston, and I took a few photos of some of the quilts. These photos often provide months’ worth of inspiration, but this year I didn’t see many quilts that really “wow”d me. There were a few, however, so I’ll post some photos over the coming days/weeks to share. 🙂

This is the first one. I really liked the idea of a monochrome quilt, and this one looks spectacular. I don’t keep a list of “quilts I’d like to make” but I might need to rethink that and start one. Something inspired by this quilt would definitely be on the list.



Random Thoughts

As we watch the events unfold along the eastern seaboard, I cannot help but remember the last hurricane we sustained in Houston. Hurricane Ike cut a path of destruction in September 2008, and took 112 lives in the US (almost 200 total). While no loss of life is acceptable, the estimated 16 lives lost to Sandy seems minimal comparatively speaking. When you look at the 16 deaths in Sandy compared to the nearly 2000 lives lost in Katrina, it is not so difficult to see why some media outlets consider Sandy a non-starter. Obviously, to the people who have been in the path, and who have witnessed the destruction first hand, and perhaps know one or more of the people who lost their lives, that is insulting. But when you look at Sandy in relation to other hurricanes that have hit the US, this was a fairly mild storm – it could have been much worse, and was predicted to be much worse. Fortunately, the east coast didn’t take the hit originally forecast. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was in the path of the storm.

I have been so busy lately, it’s hard to remember which way is up! But things are starting to calm down a little – the calm before the holiday storm, I think. I’ve already begun planning my Thanksgiving menu, and I have a can of paint just waiting to be used in the kitchen. We also need to paint the den, but that will be the weekend of the 10th of November. I have a table runner to start AND FINISH before the end of the month, and multiple quilts to back, quilt and bind before the start of December (I hope to get them done, anyway). Cooking, cleaning and decorating … that’s my life for the next month. Oh, and work, and family.

Speaking of quilts, I just finished a Christmas quilt top – yes it’s one of the ones I want to get completed by the start of next month. Here’s a shot of the completed top.


Hard to believe now, but I really thought the quilt was going to be too small to be used as a quilt, and that I might have to use it as a table cover. However, it turned out to be a perfect “lap quilt” size, so I can hardly wait to get it finished! I am thinking something very simple, like a cross hatch or in the ditch quilting will be fine.

The Houston International Quilt Festival starts tomorrow at the George R. Brown Convention Center. I haven’t been to the quilt festival in about four years, so I have plans to be there this Saturday to check out all the beautiful quilts and the new innovations in the sewing world. I’m also very interested in looking at sewing machines & long arm quilting machines. The quilts provide a year’s worth (or more!) of inspiration. I’ll try to get some photos this year to share with everyone.

Until next time!