Grimes County Courthouse

One of my favorite courthouses when I first started to notice them is the Grimes County courthouse in Anderson, Texas. Built in 1893 in the Italianate style, it was designed by F.S. Glover. Still one of my favorites!

Grimes County Courthouse, Anderson, Texas


McCulloch County Courthouse

Designed by Martin & Moodie of Comanche, Texas, the McCulloch County Courthouse was completed in 1900. It’s in the Romanesque style, and it’s really very beautiful. Just five miles from the designated center of Texas, Brady (the town where the courthouse stands) calls itself “The Heart of Texas.” It has a clock tower, but no actual clock, which is sort of weird. I don’t think one was ever installed.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful example of architecture …

McCulloch County Courthouse

Clearly something is missing here ...

Clearly something is missing here …

Coryell County, Texas

Wesley Clark Dodson was obviously well respected in the Texas county courthouse scene. He designed the Coryell County courthouse and it was completed in 1897, some 20 years after the McLellan County Courthouse was completed. Coryell County was done in the Victorian style, and while it isn’t nearly as big as McLellan, it’s still very pretty. Judge for yourself:


W.C. Dodson, Architect

Coryell County, Texas Courthouse


It’s a little difficult to see because of the trees, which has me thinking that I might need to make a winter season trip to get a better shot or two so that the architecture can really shine. It’s such a sacrifice to go back and see all these courthouses again, ya know. 😉

McLellan County Courthouse

One of the most surprising courthouse examples we saw on our trip was McLellan County. It is just beautiful, and we really weren’t expecting anything like it. We thought we’d find another small-ish courthouse, but clearly we were way off base. Completed in July 1877, this is another structure designed by Wesley Clark Dodson. It is the fourth courthouse that McLellan County had built, and it is by far one of the most impressive, beautiful courthouses in Texas.

Wesley Clark Dodson, Architect

McLennan County, Texas Courthouse

Tower View, McLennan County Courthouse

Tower View, McLennan County Courthouse

Vacation – Texas Style

This week, I’m on vacation. I’m not a big fan of vacations in the summer – they are usually hot, often muggy, and always too crowded. But this year, I made an exception. My daughter lives in the Killeen, Texas area, with her soldier husband, and she was expecting their first child – my very first grandchild! A week past due, the plan was for her to go into the hospital on Sunday and be induced, so we drove up on Saturday so we could spend a little time with them before the Big Event. Unfortunately, like all good plans, it didn’t work out quite the way we had expected it would. Even as Chris and I arrived in Killeen, a water main was shooting water 60 feet into the air, rendering everyone in that area with severe water restrictions, and no water at the hospital on Fort Hood. Sunday turned into Monday, and Monday was looking like Tuesday, so Monday, Chris and I took off to see some sights. The kids had to hang around the area just in case Kerstin got called in for the induction – she had an hour to get there after they called – so they didn’t accompany us. And honestly, it’s not really their “thing” to go off driving around Texas. But for Chris and I … well, we love it.

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday, we were able to visit 14 counties in the central Texas area, and I got photos of every one. I will admit, there are some I need to go back and re-do, because they just didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped. But overall, I got at least one decent shot of the exterior of each courthouse. This is the first one – Lampasas County, in the city of Lampasas (as we go through these over the next few weeks, you’ll find that the naming conventions for counties and county seats aren’t exactly original).

The courthouse in Lampasas County, Texas, was built in 1884.

The courthouse in Lampasas County, Texas, was built in 1884.


On Tuesday afternoon, Kerstin finally was admitted to the hospital to be induced. And on Wednesday morning, at 8:25 am, my beautiful little grandson came into this world. He is sooooooooo cute, and looks just like his mommy when she was a baby (and really, she hasn’t changed too much LOL).

My super cute grandson!

My super cute grandson!


I still have today and tomorrow off, so I’ll probably just hang around the house (we came home last night, as my daughter will be in the hospital for two days and BOY are those rooms SMALL!), and do some sewing. But we had a fabulous time in Killeen!

Photo Friday

This is the Lavaca County Courthouse here in Texas.  I took this photo several years ago …

Lavaca County Courthouse, Halletsville, Texas

Pretty cool, huh? We have some really great courthouses here in Texas, and at one point I wanted to photograph all of them. Then I did a few and realized that I lacked the proper equipment to get really good photos – namely, an ultra wide angle lens. Well, now I have one and I think I’m going to take up the gauntlet again and try to photograph all the courthouses in Texas. I’m sure my husband will be so pleased. 😀