It’s Time …

I’ve been gone for a couple of months, and for that I apologize. I have this habit of taking time off from sewing – it seems to happen in the summer months, almost every year – and it allows me to regenerate. Unlike others who seem to have a never-ending, unswerving focus on sewing, I tend to drift between several interests. Sometimes, I can co-mingle my interests and maintain my focus in several or all of them at the same time. Other times, I need to focus on one or the other, or just let one languish. The last couple of months, sewing has languished. For the last couple of years, it’s been photography (with the exception of our vacation earlier this year, that is).

But I think it’s time to pick up both of those things again. So watch this space in the coming days for posts about either and/or both of these interests. I’ve had a lot of inspiration lately for both of them, so I’m hoping to translate that into some real, live action and blog posts. Stayed tuned!


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