Almost Ashamed

Wow. This has been a very unproductive year for me in the sewing realm! I feel as if I should turn in my sewing badge and walk home and unplug my machines. This is just completely unacceptable, and I have to do better.

There isn’t anything to review for 2014, really. I made the Green Eggs & Ham quilt, which I have yet to post finished photos of, but that’s because the owner only just picked it up on Saturday. I finished a quilt for my daughter, which also hasn’t been posted because it’s a Christmas gift, so I’ll put that one up on Christmas day. I made a shirt – again, no photos, so I need to do that. And a cardigan, but it hasn’t been hemmed, so I need to finish it. The baby quilt for my grandson, that was finished, thank goodness, because COME ON! How many unfinished projects can a girl have?  Umm … well, probably more than you can imagine and more than I want to count.

I did manage to get the Snoopy/Marilyn quilt completed. I think Sarah liked it, so that’s one that’s done and loved.

Wow. Four quilts and one garment completed. That’s just ridiculous.

I’ve started a quilting journal, where I can track projects that I finish, as well as those that are in various stages of construction, projects I want to do, and the time I spend on each one. I know that seems sort of weird for a hobby, but I think that keeping track of such things will give me a better idea of how I’m spending my time, and whether or not I’m actually making progress. I mean, at last count I had something like 10 or 12 projects that are in various stages – from completed quilt tops all the way down to a few pieces I’ve cut out. I know that for some, just working on the hobby is enough to make them happy, but I get my greatest joy from actually completing a project. And I’m not sure what the purpose is of doing something but never finishing it.

So, even though I’ve said in the past that my plans usually go to hell in no time, I feel like a plan is required to take back control of my sewing time and productivity. I’m not going to set specific deadlines on myself, but I am going to make a list of all the projects I have and their current state in my quilting journal. I’ll set up pages in the journal for each project to track progress, reasons why I’m not working on it (don’t like it, need some component I’m missing, etc), and what I’m planning or using to complete the project – this one is big, because I have a tendency to forget things like threads I’m using or want to use, designs for quilting patterns, and things like that.

I’m instituting a 30 minute a day sewing period. I’ve talked about it before and I did it for a while, and it worked out great; that’s how I finished my daughter’s quilt. But then I let it fall by the wayside, and I need to take control again. I’ve set up a place in my quilting journal where I can mark off the days that I actually accomplish this task, and I like marking things off lists. 😀

I have to make 2015 a more productive year if only because I hate seeing all my wonderful investments in machines, fabrics and threads sit around waiting for me to return.


6 thoughts on “Almost Ashamed

  1. Have you been doing other things you enjoy? If so, don’t sweat it. If not, maybe you can figure out how to do less of unenjoyable/uninteresting/frustrating things, so you have more time for quilting. I’ve found I can spend/waste an enormous amount of time at the computer. I’m getting better, but it’s still a challenge.

    Good luck in 2015.

    • Mostly it’s just time-wasters. And very slow progress, which is because I don’t sew as much as I used to so my ability to move quickly is eroding. LOL I just need to focus a little more is all … I’m seriously considering a social media moratorium, with the exception of my blog. I really think that avoiding Facebook and Pattern Review forums might help. 😉

  2. First off, I want to say I really enjoy your blog. I always find it interesting and can totally relate to a lot of the things you write about. I’ve tried to leave comments before, but for some reason when I type my email address it always wants me to log into a long-abandoned WordPress account I had, so then I get stuck. Like you, I have a lot of unfinished projects, some cut out and some just in my head. I mostly quilt, but I have considered clothing. I even bought an oversized sweatshirt to make into a quilted cardigan…about three or four years ago. I’ve found numerous patterns and tutorials for making it, but I never get started. I worry it won’t turn out. I find that’s what holds me up most of all – worry that what I sew won’t be perfect. But nothing really ever is, so why worry about it so much? I’ve tried to cut myself some slack. Sometimes I just start a project and if it falls apart, I toss it. It’s incredibly freeing. Also, I give myself permission to enjoy the creativity of thinking about what I want to do with a particular fabric and consider the thinking as part of the process. When I get too hung up on productivity, I try to churn stuff out and that almost never turns out well. Anyway, I will be reading in the months ahead to see how things go for you. I hope all goes well! Happy holidays! Laurie |

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m not so worried about productivity in the “OMG I have to make more things” sense as I am in the “OMG I spent way too much time sitting on my backside when I could have been doing something I really enjoy!” I let myself get in to the whole “I’m too tired to do anything today” routine, and before you know, weeks have gone by with nothing getting done. I’m not really THAT tired; I’m just lacking motivation, maybe? I honestly never had this problem till I met my current husband. It isn’t his fault at all; I just like hanging out with him, so maybe he should be more of a jerk. LOL

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