Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?

As a very small kid, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss was my absolute favorite book. I still have a lot of nostalgia when it comes to the book, and when we had a baby shower for my daughter in May, I included the book as the greeting card in the package. A package including a a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat quilt  I made. So, yeah … I’ve always liked Dr. Seuss, but Green Eggs and Ham was always my favorite. So when I saw the Green Eggs and Ham fabric that was put out a couple of years ago by Robert Kaufman, I didn’t even have to think about whether or not I wanted it. I just bought it without even really thinking about it. When I posted the photo of the fabric on Facebook, my former co-worker and old friend Julie decided she had to have it, too, and she ordered a quilt to be made for her brother for Christmas. She was a little late picking it up, but she finally did get it, just before Christmas. I didn’t want to post final photos of it until she had it in her hands, so now I feel comfortable showing you what the finished product looks like.

Green Eggs & Ham Quilt, Completed

Green Eggs & Ham Quilt, Completed

I really could not be happier with the way it turned out, and as I was working on it, this became one of my favorite quilts. Most of the fabric is from the Kaufman collection, but the solid fabric is a Kona cotton and I think it really makes the panels pop. Julie wanted the fabric I used in the border to be the primary fabric, but I didn’t want it to be too busy, so I used it in the border, obviously, and the backing …

The back of the Green Eggs & Ham quilt

The back of the Green Eggs & Ham quilt


Yep, I had to piece a little bit in there because I didn’t have quite enough fabric, but I was ok with that, and hopefully Julie was, too. At the time, this was the “most quilted” quilt I’ve ever done. I used star patterns I bought from Embroidery Library to quilt it. There are different stars along the border and the sashing than there is in the panels, but I didn’t get a close up of those.

Stars were used for quilting

Stars were used for quilting


You can sort of see them here …

More stars!

More stars!

I’m not going to lie – it was REALLY hard to let this one go. I was so happy with it, I really wanted to keep it for myself. Of course, I didn’t … but I wanted to!


Butterick B5215 – A Pattern Review … of sorts

This weekend, I managed to do something I haven’t ever done – I started and completed a garment! Sure, it was a t-shirt, but it was made by ME, and I got it done in just two days. I am totally psyched. I chose Butterick B5215, view B …

Butterick B5215

This is supposed to be a semi-fitted t-shirt. And I am very proud of the t-shirt I made, even though it’s way too big …

Butterick B5215 Black


When I tried it on after it was done, it was more of a tunic than a t-shirt, and I couldn’t figure out why. This isn’t the first t-shirt I’ve made from this pattern – I’ve also made view A, fitted, and view C, unfitted. View A fits perfectly, even though my tummy really isn’t cut out for a fitted tee, so to speak. It was the first one I made, so I thought, “Well, maybe view C will look better.” I was expecting a tee along the lines of a unisex t-shirt, sort of boxy and not all that flattering. I was looking for just a standard t-shirt. It was huge. I felt like I needed to put on leg warmers and start dancing to “What a feeling.” It just hung off of me. I was so disgusted with it, I didn’t even finish the neck binding (more on that in a bit). It’s still sitting in a plastic project box, propping open the guest bedroom door.

So when I finished view B and put it on, and it looks like it should have been labeled “tunic” instead of tee, I thought something was wrong with the pattern. So I went off to to look for  reviews on this pattern. I knew there would be some, because it’s a very popular t-shirt over there. And sure enough, it looks like a t-shirt on everyone else. I couldn’t figure it out. Then when I was cleaning up and putting away the pattern, I happened to glance at the back of the pattern and I realized what I’d done. I made a 2XL, because that’s often the size t-shirt I need in ready to wear (RTW) just to fit over my chest. But in this particular pattern, a 2XL is the equivalent of a 26W-28W RTW! That’s why the shirt doesn’t fit. In this pattern, I need to make an XXL, which is what I did with view A. I think most people can see why that was confusing. I didn’t even realize that there was an XXL on the multi-sized pattern. I thought it was a XL. I suspect that’s also what happened with view C. So if you make this pattern, be really careful about the sizing, particularly if you wear a size 18W through 24W in RTW.

But still, the pattern went together pretty well. The only thing I don’t like about it – and that has killed my efforts every. single. time. I’ve made it, is the neck binding. On view A, I gave up and just folded the raw edge in and stitched it down. It isn’t great, but it’s ok. I can, at least, wear the shirt outside of the house. On view C, as I said earlier, I gave up on it, but I might pull it out and try to finish it a different way just to say it’s done. And on view B, this shirt, I followed the directions on the pattern exactly. It looks stretched out to me, floppy and too heavy. So I’m definitely going to find a better way to finish the neck on this one. My mom gave me a couple of tips, and I found a couple of tips on the internet that I’m going to try next time.

And even though this shirt is way too big, it is super comfortable, except for that floppy-ish neckline. So I’m probably going to wear it as a tunic. Surprisingly, there isn’t that much difference in the sizing in the shoulders between the XXL and the 2XL, so it’s a little big there but not horrible. I could put a belt on (if I wore belts, which I don’t) and it would be really cute with jeans.

If I had to grade the pattern, I’d give it a B-. The weird sizing thing aside, the problems with the neckline are just annoying. But despite the fact I’ve made this shirt three times and so far none of them have turned out perfect, I just cannot make myself give up. I’m going to give view B (and maybe view C) another chance sometime really soon. I mean, once I get this one right, who wouldn’t want custom-made t-shirts?!

Almost Ashamed

Wow. This has been a very unproductive year for me in the sewing realm! I feel as if I should turn in my sewing badge and walk home and unplug my machines. This is just completely unacceptable, and I have to do better.

There isn’t anything to review for 2014, really. I made the Green Eggs & Ham quilt, which I have yet to post finished photos of, but that’s because the owner only just picked it up on Saturday. I finished a quilt for my daughter, which also hasn’t been posted because it’s a Christmas gift, so I’ll put that one up on Christmas day. I made a shirt – again, no photos, so I need to do that. And a cardigan, but it hasn’t been hemmed, so I need to finish it. The baby quilt for my grandson, that was finished, thank goodness, because COME ON! How many unfinished projects can a girl have?  Umm … well, probably more than you can imagine and more than I want to count.

I did manage to get the Snoopy/Marilyn quilt completed. I think Sarah liked it, so that’s one that’s done and loved.

Wow. Four quilts and one garment completed. That’s just ridiculous.

I’ve started a quilting journal, where I can track projects that I finish, as well as those that are in various stages of construction, projects I want to do, and the time I spend on each one. I know that seems sort of weird for a hobby, but I think that keeping track of such things will give me a better idea of how I’m spending my time, and whether or not I’m actually making progress. I mean, at last count I had something like 10 or 12 projects that are in various stages – from completed quilt tops all the way down to a few pieces I’ve cut out. I know that for some, just working on the hobby is enough to make them happy, but I get my greatest joy from actually completing a project. And I’m not sure what the purpose is of doing something but never finishing it.

So, even though I’ve said in the past that my plans usually go to hell in no time, I feel like a plan is required to take back control of my sewing time and productivity. I’m not going to set specific deadlines on myself, but I am going to make a list of all the projects I have and their current state in my quilting journal. I’ll set up pages in the journal for each project to track progress, reasons why I’m not working on it (don’t like it, need some component I’m missing, etc), and what I’m planning or using to complete the project – this one is big, because I have a tendency to forget things like threads I’m using or want to use, designs for quilting patterns, and things like that.

I’m instituting a 30 minute a day sewing period. I’ve talked about it before and I did it for a while, and it worked out great; that’s how I finished my daughter’s quilt. But then I let it fall by the wayside, and I need to take control again. I’ve set up a place in my quilting journal where I can mark off the days that I actually accomplish this task, and I like marking things off lists. 😀

I have to make 2015 a more productive year if only because I hate seeing all my wonderful investments in machines, fabrics and threads sit around waiting for me to return.

This is going to be painful …

I have a great job, and I’m very happy and thankful to have it. Particularly right now, when my company is laying off thousands of people around the globe, I’ve got no complaints at all. But today I found out that after more than three years of working mostly at home, I’m going to need to be back in the office, it looks like probably four days a week if not the full five. That’s not SO bad, because you know, people and socializing and stuff. But when I heard the news, my heart sank a little bit because I was picturing my closet. You know, a closet with very few clothes for career wear, because over the last few years I haven’t really needed much, and so when my already older clothing wore out, I didn’t really think about replacing it because who needs a bunch of slacks & dressy blouses when they’re in the office once, maybe twice a week?

Good strategy, huh?

So I went up to my closet and took stock. Two pairs of slacks, a few blouses (that I’ve worn so often, I feel like they’re second skins), a single pair of work-type shoes. Ummm …. yeah. Great.

Since I need to start going back to the office most days of the week on MONDAY, I knew I wouldn’t be able to really make any clothing before I needed them. So I headed out to pick up a few things, and I’ll admit, I got some good deals – a couple pair of slacks, a few shirts and a cardigan for $160. But they’re so … generic. So … boring. So … lacking in style. But you know, at least it keeps me from going to work sans clothing. I hear they frown on that in the office these days.

I’m a plus size, and I’m not much of a garment sewist, but I’ve got to make an effort to make myself some clothes, because everything I saw today was just … eh. You know that feeling? You walk in to a store and you see some clothes and they’re ok, but nothing special, and you don’t hate them but you don’t love them. Eh. I haven’t worn skirts in ages because … well, because I’m not a thin girl, and … chub rub and all that, but I’m thinking that a couple skirts might be fairly simple and fast to turn out because I’m NOT a fast garment sewist. I can whip up a queen size quilt top in a day and a half, but a garment of any type? We’re talking a week, at least. Maybe longer, if I’m just not feeling it.

Frankly, I’m not terribly worried about fitting right now. I’m more concerned about construction and making sure I can actually put it together without too much hassle. Sure, fitting is important, but so is a garment I can wear. As I go along, I’m sure I’ll start working on fit more, but for now, it’s about garments that I can wear that don’t look terrible. I don’t care that others might judge me for that; they don’t have to agree with me. But I’m pretty sure that four pairs of slacks and eight tops will get pretty boring in short order, and I don’t really want to pay more money for clothes that are just … eh.

This is going to be painful, but in the long run, it will be worth it. Right?


At least, I hope it’s worth it …