Time to Start Thinking About Christmas Gifts


This year, I’m going for a (mostly) handmade Christmas. I’m doing a quilt and some soft blocks for my new grandson (I mean really, does a five month old NEED a bunch of toys?), a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law (they already know about it, so I’m not spoiling the surprise), and some other stuff that folks DON’T know about. I know it seems early, but when you’re making gifts, you have to get an early start, and honestly, I probably should have started a long time ago.

I’ve been looking around for gift ideas, and I’ve come up with some things I think would be great. I have this sudden obsession with aprons, and I love the vintage inspired aprons that seem to be so popular lately. Ones like this, and this are perfect gifts for the ladies, I think.  And for someone who’s just starting out in their own place, how about some cute place mats? Feeling green? How about some cloth napkins that can be tossed in the wash instead of killing trees buying paper towels?

For the guys in your life, how about some homemade beef jerky? Or turkey jerky, if that’s his thing. There are dozens of different basket ideas you can do – BBQ baskets, snack baskets, toolbox baskets … really, depending on your guy’s interests, there are limitless ideas. Does he like beer? How about a beer making kit, where he can make his own? Ok, that’s not really a handmade gift, but it will be once he’s done with it. 😉  Also, you might consider putting together a car safety kit. This would also be great for a young driver.

Most years, I try to make at least some of my gifts, or give gifts that will inspire the recipient to make something themselves (last year, I gave my quilting mother a box full of fabric & thread). I think that when someone puts the time and effort into either making a gift or putting together a basket/kit for someone on their list rather than picking up a gift or card that the person may or may not use or like, it’s more personal and shows that some serious thought went in to the gift. I will admit that I still give my dad gift cards to the sporting goods store, but that’s what he WANTS, and he uses them throughout the year. I’m fortunate enough to have family members who DO give consideration to what they’re giving each other, and I’ve yet to have a gift I can’t use. But I hear from folks all the time about the gifts they received for Christmas that makes them wonder what the giver was thinking. One very memorable gift I remember hearing about involved a 12 year old bottle of Scotch given to a recovering alcoholic! While he really appreciated the gift, he had to give it to someone else, because clearly, he didn’t want to relapse!

I have a list of things I want to make this year, and I’ve already started on some of them, but I guess the best way to make progress is to actually get moving on getting them done, so I’m off. If you have anything on your list that you’ll be making, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!


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