WIP Wednesday – Getting a good start on Pam’s Quilt

This week, I am starting on Pam’s quilt. Everything is cut out and I’ve got about half of the Block B blocks put together.


Cute, huh?


I’m hoping to be finished with these blocks today, so I can move on to Block A, which will take a little more time to put together because it’s like 25 2″ squares to sew together into a single block. Then I need to square them all up and put them together into a top. I think this quilt top should go together fairly quickly, and I’m looking into options for quilting it. My embroidery machine isn’t doing so hot but my mom has one she’s not using, so that’s an option. I think the Block B squares need some nice line embroidery, but we’ll see what I can work out.

This week is the Houston Quilt Festival! Yes, I’m going, on Saturday. My daughter is planning to go with me, so it should be fun – this will be her first quilt show. I wonder if she realizes how much walking will be involved?? If she does go, that means that only my son hasn’t ever been to one – think I can get him to go next year? Yeah, I don’t think so either. LOL Anyway, I’ll try to get some photos and post some of them here after the show. I cannot wait!


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