Heather’s Quilt – the final version

I finished Heather’s quilt about a week ago, and I’ve been enjoying it sitting here in my studio until she can get back to me on shipping instructions. This really did turn out to be one of my absolute favorite quilts I’ve ever made, though it’s obvious I need to seriously work on my corners (Sorry about that, Heather). Here is the final quilt ..

The front of Heather's quilt

The front of Heather’s quilt


And the back …

Back of the quilt

Back of the quilt


And some detail in the border.

Detail of the border

Detail of the border


This quilt was inspired by the Mountain Paths design from the Quiltmaker Classics, Vol. 1, Summer 2013. This one is not a queen size, though it’s a relatively good sized quilt at about 65″ square. It’s far from perfect, and I know there are many things I need to work on improving, but for the most part I’m happy with it. It’s already been washed and dried and it’s ready to head to its new home!




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