Throwback Thursday

Today’s throwback photo isn’t a quilt, or a picture of the kids. This one is a photo of an old sewing room I once had when the kids were small. We were living in this horrible apartment complex, though the apartment itself was pretty decent. Four bedroom townhouse with a decent spot for me to sew …



The quilt that’s on the little table under the lamp is the very first quilt I ever made. The one on the wall behind my sewing table … well, it’s still not finished yet, but I’ve been putting some thought into getting it done soon. Both of the tables that support machines have been retired – the one where my sewing machine sits (my favorite machine ever, in the wide world, but now, sadly on it’s last legs) had to be thrown out when it developed a smell I couldn’t get rid of; the other went back to my mom. YOu can see the jacket of a dress I made for my daughter to wear to her fifth grade graduation (yes, the daughter that just got married last week). What I really cannot figure out is why is the white dresser in this photo? I can’t recall why it was in this room, because it has always belonged to my daughter, but I’m sure there must be a good reason for it … if only I could remember what it is!

When I started flipping through my photos to find something to share today and I ran across this one, it immediately transported me back in time. You can see that it’s dark outside, which is when I spent most of my time sewing. My kids would fall asleep to the hum of my sewing machine most nights. This room made me so happy, and I spent so many enjoyable hours in here, even if I’d sort of forgotten about it till I found this photo. That’s why I think it’s important to take photos not only of events and family and friends, but also spaces where you spend time. My mood immediately brightened when I saw this, and it reminded me that I don’t always need the latest and greatest of everything to enjoy quilting. It’s not about the destination, after all … quilting, much like travelling, is about the journey!


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