WIP Wednesday

I debated quite a bit whether or not I should post this today, because normally I prefer to be silent on social media on 9/11. But then I began to think that I can still remember all of those who died on that terrible day, all the horrible things that happened, and still live my life. After all, life goes on for all of us who were touched by that day, and I’m pretty sure those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, would not want us to stop living for them. So I took a moment this morning and said a prayer for all of them, remembered where I was and how it felt to see those heartbreaking images, and I decided to move on. Twelve years later, I still choke up thinking about what happened, but I can’t let it stop me from living, even on this day. I will always remember, but that said, it’s time for time to start up again this morning.

I am very pleased with Heather’s quilt at this point; the top is completely done, and now I’m working on washing all of the excess dye out of the backing. I went with a light amethyst color for the backing, just because I thought it would contrast nicely with the greens and blues of the focal fabric. I still have some of the focal fabric left over, so I’m toying with the idea of piecing some of it into the backing, but I haven’t decided on that yet.

This photo really does not do the quilt justice; I think it looks fabulous in person, but it doesn’t quite convey in this picture.



I went with the orange inner border to try to bring some of the yellows and oranges out in the quilt a little more and it does a great job of doing that, though you can’t really tell from this photo. But I’m happy that I’m heading into the home stretch here and can only hope that Heather likes it as much as I do!


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