September is National Sewing Month

And while I don’t particularly need a designated month to set aside time to pursue my favorite hobby, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a reminder! Taking a glance at various local sewing shops, there are many classes being offered for beginners and vets alike this month. The internet is also a great place to start; just run a search on “sewing for beginners” and you’ll find hundreds of pages devoted to getting you moving down the right path to sewing nirvana. So if you’ve considered learning to sew, maybe this month is YOUR month to get out and find a class, or pick up a book and start learning.

That said, this month my goal is to try to get Heather’s quilt completed and to make a quilt for practicing free motion quilting. Further, I’d really like to get the serger running so I can use it to make myself some clothing. And finally, I’d like to get the Halloween top pieced that I’m working on. Although that may not sound like a lot of projects for an entire month, it seems like quite a bit to me, and I have my fingers crossed I can get through them all! Fortunately, I made excellent progress on Heather’s quilt yesterday so I am fairly confident it’s within my power to finish it this month.

Heathers Quilt

I have made a pledge to try to sew at least a little bit each day for the remainder of NSM. I think it’s the only way I can get through all my projects in a reasonable amount of time.

For the record, I now know that National Photography Month is May, and I’ve already marked my calendar for that one in 2014. I didn’t know there was a National Photography Month until recently, when I googled it while pondering NSM. Yeah, that’s how I roll. 😉


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