Photo Friday

This is the Lavaca County Courthouse here in Texas.  I took this photo several years ago …

Lavaca County Courthouse, Halletsville, Texas

Pretty cool, huh? We have some really great courthouses here in Texas, and at one point I wanted to photograph all of them. Then I did a few and realized that I lacked the proper equipment to get really good photos – namely, an ultra wide angle lens. Well, now I have one and I think I’m going to take up the gauntlet again and try to photograph all the courthouses in Texas. I’m sure my husband will be so pleased. 😀


Throwback Thursday

Today’s throwback photo isn’t a quilt, or a picture of the kids. This one is a photo of an old sewing room I once had when the kids were small. We were living in this horrible apartment complex, though the apartment itself was pretty decent. Four bedroom townhouse with a decent spot for me to sew …



The quilt that’s on the little table under the lamp is the very first quilt I ever made. The one on the wall behind my sewing table … well, it’s still not finished yet, but I’ve been putting some thought into getting it done soon. Both of the tables that support machines have been retired – the one where my sewing machine sits (my favorite machine ever, in the wide world, but now, sadly on it’s last legs) had to be thrown out when it developed a smell I couldn’t get rid of; the other went back to my mom. YOu can see the jacket of a dress I made for my daughter to wear to her fifth grade graduation (yes, the daughter that just got married last week). What I really cannot figure out is why is the white dresser in this photo? I can’t recall why it was in this room, because it has always belonged to my daughter, but I’m sure there must be a good reason for it … if only I could remember what it is!

When I started flipping through my photos to find something to share today and I ran across this one, it immediately transported me back in time. You can see that it’s dark outside, which is when I spent most of my time sewing. My kids would fall asleep to the hum of my sewing machine most nights. This room made me so happy, and I spent so many enjoyable hours in here, even if I’d sort of forgotten about it till I found this photo. That’s why I think it’s important to take photos not only of events and family and friends, but also spaces where you spend time. My mood immediately brightened when I saw this, and it reminded me that I don’t always need the latest and greatest of everything to enjoy quilting. It’s not about the destination, after all … quilting, much like travelling, is about the journey!

WIP Wednesday

I’ve FINALLY come up with a backing I like for Heather’s quilt! It’s currently under construction …



A bit of a close up …



It’s just fat quarters and left over focal fabric sewn together. Nothing fancy, but I really like it so far.

Also, I bought fabric for Pam’s quilt ..



I really cannot wait to start this one, but of course, I need to get Heather’s quilt done first. 🙂

WIP Wednesday

Things are going pretty slow right now, with the wedding and everything, but I have managed to make up all the squares for my Halloween quilt.


Right now, I’m trimming the tips off the squares that are created when sewing half-square triangles together.


You’ll notice that I’m pressing the seams open on this quilt, which normally I don’t do. But after reading how Leah Day presses her seams open to prepare for free motion quilting, I thought I’d give it a try.

Also, I’m still rinsing the dye out of the backing for Heather’s quilt, but I’m pretty sure this is the last rinse; by the time you read this, it should hopefully be dry, and ready to sandwich Saturday. I have high hopes because I really am ready to get this quilt done and out the door to its new home. I think the backing is going to be just beautiful; what do you think?




Things will be quiet …

At least, this week, they will be fairly quiet around here. My daughter is getting married on Friday, and while it’s not a big wedding there will still be a small reception at our house on Friday night. So, between the cooking and cleaning and generally getting ready … don’t expect a lot of activity here on the blog this week.

However, I can give you a brief update on Heather’s quilt. I dyed a backing and hated it. It came out lighter than I wanted it to, and it had a bunch of white spots throughout, so I decided to hang on to it and over-dye it for another project and start fresh on backing for this quilt. Right now, the backing is sitting downstairs in a storage box full of dye water, waiting for me to rinse it out and get it ready for use.


This one is a sunrise orange color, which I love so far, and I cannot wait to see the final product! I think it’s going to be simply gorgeous. 🙂 Since I’m using this color for the backing, I am seriously considering using something similar for the quilting thread on both front and back. I really cannot wait to get it done!

Also in progress is a Halloween quilt that I’m hoping to have done shortly. It should be really cute, and I have high hopes for it. 🙂



And finally, I’ve got another commission quilt to be started shortly, for my friend Pam. I just need to go pick out the fabrics to go with what I already have. I am excited about it because I am considering doing a double Irish chain, which is what Heather’s quilt was to be originally, but which I think will really be spectacular with this new quilt.

I’ll try to set up posts for WIP Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Photo Friday in the next day or so, so there will be activity here, but I will otherwise be pretty silent. But I’ll be back next week!


Three Things Thursday

1. I cannot WAIT for the backing for Heather’s quilt to be finished so I can finish this quilt. 🙂

2. I’m soooooooooooo ready for fall. Sadly, we don’t really see much of a “fall” around Houston. I have to be satisfied with photos of fall from other places, and maybe do a little decorating for the season and pretend it’s getting cooler outside. I guess it IS getting cooler – yesterday was only 96 degrees, as opposed to 106 degrees a couple weeks ago. /sigh

3. Chris asked me the other day what I want for Christmas; I have no freakin’ clue. Maybe I should give it some thought …