If only I could focus …

My husband loves to point out that I am sporadic when it comes to my hobbies. I go for weeks, even months at a time focused on one hobby, only to let that interest erode into another hobby after I get bored. I think he believes that I do this for fun or something, but I can assure him – and you – that is not the case. In almost every instance, sudden inspiration strikes me and off I go down another rabbit trail.

But there are two hobbies that are constant for me – if not my focus, they are things that I cannot get out of my blood, and trust me, I’ve tried. I sold off a good bit of my sewing equipment (including two machines I kick myself daily for letting go) trying to pare down my hobby obsession. You can see how well that worked out. And I went several years without a camera, but as soon as I was able to purchase one, I had one and was shooting photos regularly. Interspersed in between those two hobbies, I also dabble in genealogy, needlework, fabric dyeing, reading, and various other things on an “ad hoc” basis. Here’s the thing … I don’t particularly enjoy this hobby ADD from which I suffer.

I would LOVE to be one of those people who have one love, one focus that they share with everyone. I’m just not that type of person, and I’ve come to accept and even embrace that about myself. I have come to realize that a lot of my jumping around has to do with things like time of the year, weather conditions, and yes, even my state of mind. For example, my favorite times to pick up my camera and get out to shoot are from mid-September through the end of April. In Texas, in the summer, it’s just too darn hot to get out and do much shooting. But by the same token, in the winter months, it gets dark so early that I turn to quilting more than you’d think. And lately, I’ve just not been all that inspired to get out and shoot. Maybe it’s because of the heat, or maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve pretty much shot most of what’s around here that I find interesting … you gotta admit, there’s only so much you can do with hay bales, cows and open spaces, not to mention how limiting the suburbs can be. And gasoline prices are a bit high to go out just driving around all day to find interesting things to shoot, which is what I used to do when gas was less than $2/gallon. Texas is a HUGE state, and Houston a GIANT city, so it takes me a long time to get away from this area to find anything new.

And that is why I have been spending so much time on quilting lately. I really wish I could be more focused there, turning out a quilt a month (or more!) like some of the other bloggers I see. I also think sometimes I would like to be the type of blogger that does tutorials and give aways all the time, but that’s not me either, or so I think. Maybe it could be, if I was more focused on just one hobby, but that will never happen. I learned my lesson over the last 18 months, when I sold my sewing machine I loved so much and decided to stop quilting. To be fair, I hadn’t quilted at that point in quite some time, but just a short time after getting rid of the machine, I was bitten by the quilting bug again. Lesson learned, and I will keep all my hobby equipment even if I don’t use it for an extended period of time.

But maybe my hobby schizophrenia only bothers me – I have managed to garner nearly 30 subscribers to my blog here, and that says either that people like that I can’t focus on just one thing, or maybe it’s just that they feel sorry for me. I’ve been writing here for just over a year, so maybe that’s not a great following, but I’ve also been a pretty inconsistent blogger for most of that time. Maybe if I can manage to keep posting at regular intervals, I can garner more followers …

What I do know is that I cannot be the only person like me out there. There has to be others out there who are not so focused, so single mindedly efficient as to have blogs that focus on just one topic. I’ve tried, and failed, to maintain blogs like that – where all I discuss is my photography, or my quilting, or my life in general, and they’ve never worked out for me. This blog has done a darn good job of being my “everything” … maybe it’s more like a journal than a blog, because I write about whatever interests me in the moment. And I’m ok with that … I’ll embrace my hobby ADD, schizophrenia or whatever you want to call it and keep on moving. That lack of focus may put some folks off, but I know there are people like me in the world. Maybe they are the ones following my blog, and maybe not, but I know they exist.


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