And in an interesting twist …

Kerstin & Joseph 2-1

On Wednesday, my daughter Kerstin sent me a text message saying she and Joseph, her fiance of the last several months, were going to come see us later that evening. Since we were headed out for dinner, we invited them to come along, knowing that if they were coming to see us, something big was on the horizon. Boy, were we right.

They told us that Joseph is joining the army, and that they want to get married before he leaves for boot camp. Since that date isn’t yet nailed down, they chose the somewhat inconvenient date of September 4th to be married. This year. Yes, they want to get married in three weeks. I managed to convince them to move the date back to the Friday of that week, since the fourth is a Wednesday, so the wedding date is now September 6th, 2013, a full 13 months ahead of the already set date in October 2014. Let the insanity begin!

Obviously, with just three weeks between now and the wedding date, we’re going for a smaller affair, less expensive, with some things that won’t be done either because of time constraints or budget constraints. Three weeks isn’t a lot of time to plan for an event like this, no matter how small it might be. But already we’ve found and bought her a dress, she’s registered at both Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, and we’re looking at wedding invitations and cakes. We’ve settled on a menu for the reception – it’s the standard fare for us – BBQ (it’s a good thing our friends like BBQ because this will be the fourth (?) time this summer we’ll have a party and serve it). There aren’t any attendants, so there’s no need for gifts. They still need to look at rings, decide what the groom will wear, and a few other things. We need to work out a few logistics. But overall, I think things will work out just fine.

When it comes right down to it, the truth is, we’re not ceremonial people. We aren’t formal, so this works well for us. I’m sure that some people might think it’s too simple or whatever, but you know, the goal here is to be married, not to go into debt with an expensive wedding. Even if they’d waited until next year, there might have been a few more frills and trappings, but in the end, that isn’t the way Kerstin is, so they still would have been minimal.

All that truly matters is that they are happy in life.


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