Three Things Thursday

In no particular order (even if they ARE numbered), here are things on my mind this week …

1. I cannot believe it’s nearly time for back to school. It’s even more weird because I don’t have to worry about getting kids ready to go back to school. My youngest graduated high school in June, and while he is attending classes at the local community college, there isn’t the same rush of adrenaline to buy school clothes and supplies. In fact, there’s none of that. It seems weird, after 22 years of being a parent, that I don’t have a kid in public school anymore. Very weird indeed.

2. Today is payday, so I’m considering buying some cute fabrics – one set for a gift quilt, one set for a fall quilt for the house. My favorite time of the year is from October until the end of December, so I feel like it’s important to have a fall quilt … now I need to choose a fabric. But I haven’t decided to purchase anything yet, so stay tuned!

3. I realized when I was going through my scrap box earlier this week, I’ve made a LOT of quilts – most of them in the first few years of quilting. I think I put the brakes on about the time I met Chris. But now I’m getting back in the groove and I’m having lots of fun with quilting again. Part of the reason I stopped quilting was the cost of fabric (it went up from about $7/yd when I first started to nearly double that now, at $12-13/yd) and part of it was the newness of the relationship. That newness hasn’t worn off after almost six years – we still make time to spend together every single day – but we have begun to have the familiarity and comfort in our relationship that we don’t need to be in the same room all the time. It’s been a big adjustment for me, because I was so used to being the only adult in the house all the time before we met, and being alone a lot after the kids went to bed, and/or were gone to their dad’s for the weekend, to having someone around all the time. I think I was so excited to have a partner again, and had spent so much time alone, that being with someone was awesome. Now I’m at that point where I am learning to be alone again, at least in small-ish increments, and I am loving it. I’ve never had a fully functional relationship with a man, so this is a novel experience. LOL It’s totally awesome. Wings and roots, who knew?


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