Baby Quilt Completed

When I planned this baby quilt, I had a much different vision for it than the way it turned out. I bought the charm pack Bungle Jungle by Moda, planning to use it in conjunction with a cute construction truck panel. The parents of the baby for whom the quilt was to be made were not, at that time, able to agree on a theme for the baby’s room – I think she wanted a jungle theme, and he wanted cars (he’s a car enthusiast). Well, clearly construction trucks are not sports cars, but I thought it was a good compromise. I had it all worked out in my mind and I couldn’t want to get it done. I figured the quilt would be about 42″ square. I was really excited.

But when I got everything home and I started working on the quilt, I hung the panel up on my design wall and noticed that it wasn’t quite right. The print was off by more than an inch from the top of the panel to the bottom – this particular panel was printed longways from selvage to selvage making it 42″ high and about 23″ wide. My original plan had been to frame some of the charm pack squares and put them down the sides of the panel, but it was clear that wouldn’t work too well, because it would accentuate how skewed the panel was, so I decided to cut the panel up and use it as squares. Except, that didn’t work either, because even the squares were off once I cut it up. And it was designed in such a way I couldn’t really straighten it up at all, and trust me I tried. In the end, I had to completely abandon the panel, which really really made me mad, but what could I do?

Once I realized that I’d spent three weeks trying to work out this problem, and I still had nothing to show for it, I decided to just sew the charm squares together and add a strip of Project Linus fabric to the top and bottom to elongate it bit to make the front of the quilt. I decided to back it with some cream colored fabric from my stash, and I even got as far as pinning the sandwich together like that then realized I really hated everything about the quilt. I think it’s because it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, or maybe it was because I was disgusted with the panel, but the quilt sat on my table for two weeks while I painted my new studio and moved in and I barely even looked at it the entire time. Then one day last week, I was on my way to the office and I realized that the answer to my dilemma was in my fabric stash. I had bought two yards of American Muscle Car fabric to use for a quilt for my son, but he wasn’t really interested in it.

And here is the result.








I like it much better now that I’ve incorporated cars into the quilt as I originally wanted, but I have decided that I am unlikely to buy large panels anymore. That was way too much trouble, and even though it’s not a lot of money, I wasted $7 on it. And my next charm pack purchase will be put to different use … Actually, I’m working on that now, so look for a post about it soon. 🙂

Until next time,



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