The New Studio

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have a new studio, and since it’s nearly done, I thought I would share some photos. It’s a small room, but it’s very nice and I think it will work well.

First up, as you walk in the door from the hallway, to the right is my desk – this isn’t only my studio but also my office. I work at home several days a week, and previously, my office space was in my master bedroom. This would be fine if my husband kept “normal” working hours, but he doesn’t. The office was the original intended use for this room, but as  you will see, it became much more than that.




On the next wall, my sewing machine …




And then some storage on the wall directly across from the entrance …




And then my cutting area is just to the left of the door.




One of my favorite things about the room is this grid I bought to hang all of my rulers and some of my cutting implements (no this isn’t all of them, and trust me, you don’t want to SEE them all) …




There are, of course, other things I want to do, like add some shelving above the desk, and some decorations to the walls. I also have every intention of building a new cutting table with storage under it. I know that it looks sort of empty right now but that’s because I’ve gone through and purged a great deal of crap. LOL And that chest of drawers hides a multitude of sins … which by the way, belongs to my daughter. Her grandparents gave it to her when she was born, and it needs to be refinished, but it’s 105 degrees in the afternoons right now, so I’ll wait till fall, thank you very much. Further, at some point I’m sure she’s going to want it back – once she has a place of her own – so it’s not permanent. When I need to replace it, I will probably do so with more of the baskets, because I love those things.

I’ll post more photos as I change/update things, but I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to share!

Until next time,



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