Lazy Sunday

Today I’m doing a dye run. I received five new colors from Dharma Trading Company that I ordered earlier this week and I’m trying them out. I’ve never done this before – usually I just throw caution to the wind and dye a yard or more of fabric, but today I’m doing a test run using fat quarters. I’m doing this because a) I want to recreate colors I like, and b) I need to start a dye journal (see reason a).

I’m not really what you’d call an experienced dyer – I’ve done some dyeing but not enough to be “great” nor anything more than a novice really. I’ve had some good luck with colors, and results, but nothing I can duplicate if I want to … mostly because I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants, and I haven’t kept records of how I achieved any of the success I’ve had so far. Well, enough of that!

I’m not really sure what it is about dyeing fabric that I enjoy so much – maybe it’s the process, or the control … no, it really cannot be the control, because at this point, I lack control over my finished product. That’s why I’ve decided that a journal might be my best bet … I am making notes of the amount of fabric, dye, and water, along with any other additives, to which I will attach a swatch of fabric once it’s completed.

I have realized, however, that my master bathroom is not suitable for dyeing fabric. I have access to water, but not a good sized spout (the height on the bathroom sink is the problem) so I’m going to have to take it all back downstairs – I’ve tried several times to make it work and it’s always a hassle. In my dream home, with my dream studio, there will be a “wet” studio and a “dry” studio … I really need to win the lottery. /sigh

I’ll post photos of the dye jobs once I have completed them. I just hope the results are post-worthy!


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