Ugly Quilt Completed!

OK, I know that some folks don’t think it’s so “ugly” and I can respect that. My husband chose the fabric and pattern for this quilt, as it is his, and overall I think it came out ok. There are things that are wrong with it, but as my Mom has always said, those things will never been seen on a galloping horse (don’t ask, I don’t really know). So, after much anticipation, here is Ugly Quilt in all its finished glory …




And this is the backside – I dyed the fabric myself. There are still threads to be cut, so it looks sort of odd, but I need to toss it in the washing machine so we can use it tonight. My current bed quilt, made by an old friend of my mother’s when I got married to my first husband 22 years ago, is falling apart, and we need a replacement.



I have a couple other quilts I need to get finished soon, so it’s unlikely I’ll get to a bed quilt any time soon, so until I do, this quilt, though too small for a king sized bed, will have to suffice. 🙂

Next up is a baby quilt, which I hope to have finished soon, so I can a) get my money back from the household account, as I buy all fabrics for quilts out of my “mad money” account, then reimburse myself when the quilt is a gift and done; and b) move on to a very cute Halloween quilt I’d like to get made before the holiday!

Happy quilting,



3 thoughts on “Ugly Quilt Completed!

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