My next project – my wardrobe

When I was a kid, my mother made nearly all my clothing, except for jeans and undergarments. I remember falling asleep to the sound of her sewing machine nearly every night, while she made something for one of us to wear. But I have never really been a fashion sewist. Until now.

Why would a woman start sewing garments for herself when she is nearly 45? Well for one thing, I really miss the unique clothing I had growing up. No one else had anything like I wore, and while back then I wasn’t very appreciative of being different, these days I am ready to embrace something that isn’t off the rack. Secondly, I’m not the easiest person to fit – my measurements are not really “normal” I guess. Even when I was much smaller, I wasn’t really a size 8 or 10 or 12. My size depended on the cut, the fabric, the designer … Nothing has changed in the last 20 years. I’m still not one size all over. And finally, I hate today’s fashions. Either they are made for girls, not women, or they are made for senior citizens, not younger middle aged women. Apparently, designers think women only come in “Hollywood starlet” or “Driving Miss Daisy” … When I do manage to find a style I like, the fabrics are horrible. Or the price is ridiculous. Or more often, the construction is crap. I’m sorry, but nothing annoys me more than having to sew up seams that didn’t get caught when the garment was constructed – and it happens far more often than you’d think.

All of these complaints have led me to one conclusion – I must start sewing my own clothing and stop worrying about whether or not it will be perfect. As time goes on, my technique will improve. Heck, I’m investing in two, yes two, new sewing machines this year (maybe three, if I can talk Chris into a new serger), so it’s definitely time to put them to use for more than just quilting. Hey, quilting is and always will be my first sewing love, but I hear there’s this thing about running around town naked, and how that’s frowned upon. And I don’t want anyone to burn out their retinas because they saw me sans clothing!

My first projects are going to be easy, simple garments that will likely be useful during spring and summer months, since winter is nearly over here in Houston. I’ve not had more than three pairs of shorts at a time, and all of current ones at least five years old, in ages. So that’s my first thing – some simple shorts for the upcoming Houston hell … err, summer (I’ve been told it only feels like hell). I’ll post pattern reviews, and comments, and maybe even some cries for help. But mostly, I’m going to sew. Some of my posts here may not be more than just pictures. Some of them might be $*(@&%()* … I do have a temper, you know. But I hope you’ll join me for this adventure, because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a heck of an adventure. 🙂


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