Fabric Dyeing!

A while back, I began to realize that I’ve gotten away from my own quilting style, but I wasn’t really sure why. I set about trying to figure out what has happened to make me change the way I choose fabrics, and after a couple of trips to some local quilt shops (LQS) I understood what was happening. In short, I’m less than pleased with the current selection of fabrics. That’s not to say I don’t like any of the fabrics – I did see some that I really liked. The problem is more, trying to come up with fabrics to go with the ones that I like; it just wasn’t happening for me. So I decided to get creative. Enter, fabric dye!

I’ve been messing around with a few colors that came in a kit from Dharma Trading Company, as well as some Procion dyes I picked up from a local art store, and I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with these preliminary test runs. In almost every case, I was able to get beautiful, vibrant colors with a minimum of fuss.


These will end up in a quilt at some point – they are my “test subjects.” πŸ™‚ And now, I think I’m totally hooked on fabric dyeing …


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