It’s a girl’s perogative to change her mind … or is it?

A while back, I decided I was tired of sewing & quilting and that I was going to get rid of everything I owned that has anything to do with the hobby. I listed my Janome serger (which never got used after I bought it) and my Brother Innov-is 2500D (which didn’t get nearly enough use) on Craigslist in a moment of complete clarity … or was it total insanity? The world may never know … sadly, I may never know either because both sold pretty quickly and are gone from my life forever.

This weekend, I began to feel the twinge. Anyone who sews will know exactly what I mean … that moment when you feel a sewing machine calling your name, ever so softly at first, almost like a whisper. Then, it progresses to a low voice, and then before you know it, the sewing machine is DEMANDING your time, making you it’s slave. I’ve seen it happen to others – my mom, for instance – and I’ve experienced it first hand. In the end, it’s a feeling that cannot be denied. But, what’s a girl to do when she’s sold her machines and feels that calling? Well, she pulls out the stand by machine she hung onto … or the machine that doesn’t seem to work quite right, in an attempt to figure out what might be wrong with it. I am a trailblazer – I did both.

I am a big fan of Brother machines, and I have been ever since I bought my PC-8500, used, from a dealer. Before I bought it, I had a Viking Rose, which was nice, but with which I had no chemistry. Yes, I said chemistry. I believe that, like people, we can have a chemistry with sewing machines. No, I’m not kidding. I had the Rose for a year, and rarely ever used it. It was a very nice machine, to be sure, but I didn’t care much for it once I got it home. I can’t tell you what specifically about it I didn’t like, I can only tell you that I didn’t like to use it. When I bought the PC-8500, though, I fell in love. It was like a musical instrument in my hands – I could make that baby sing! We created beautiful music … errr, quilts … together. I have photos to prove it. Don’t believe me? Let me show you one example …


Now, you may not agree, but I think it was a beautiful quilt (I gave it to my grandmother, by the way).

Anyway, I had taken it (the machine, not the quilt) to be cleaned a few years ago, and the guy who cleaned it a) was someone I had once dated once or twice; b) didn’t act like he recognized me; and c) totally screwed up my beloved machine! It took him AGES to get it ready for me to pick up, claiming this issue and that. When I finally got it home, it sewed beautifully for a while, then it was a mess. Really, that’s about all I remember of it, primarily because it’s been like four years, and also because I was so mad, and so disappointed, I wanted to go back and beat the guy up. Anyway, I put it in the closet, pulled out my $200 Walmart Brother machine and went on. A few weeks later, I found the Innov-is 2500D and had to have it – I got a really good deal on a refurbished one, and I brought it home and loved it. But I digress …

Anyway, I pulled out the 8500 yesterday and did some testing on it, and what I discovered was that if I don’t use the thread cutter, the machine is fine. It sews beautifully until I try to use the thread cutter, then something horrible happens and it goes all to hell. For now, I will use it without the thread cutter – I have about a bazillion pairs of small scissors anyway and I’m sure they would enjoy the workout.

Tonight I used the 8500 to fix a blanket that has special significance to my husband, and it did great. I have several quilts that need to be put together, and a few that need to be finished … and I still hear that machine calling my name, and it’s getting louder and louder. The real question is … shouldn’t I start researching which sewing machine to buy in March, when I get my bonus? 😀


2 thoughts on “It’s a girl’s perogative to change her mind … or is it?

  1. How good to recover a machine that has been giving you trouble. Sounds like you might need to consider a cabinet/table to go with your machine as well – no point wasting that bonus 🙂

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